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No. 20. Alliance Flag-ship Song.


1. Oh, happy day we hail with joy,
Brave soldiers now declare;
Alliance flag ship comes, ahoy!
On time's wide ocean fair.
All safe on board, the captain cries,
To freedom's port we sail;
We'll take our foes all by surprise,
O'er them we will prevail

2. Our ship is newly build, and strong,
Our life boats all in trim;
And swiftly we do sail along,
With soldiers full of vim!
Each labor party's a life boat,
We've no great cause to fear;
O'er rocks and sandbars they will float,
If wisely all do stear.

3. Though raging winds and foaming seas,
Our ship may have to meet;
She'll plow through all with perfect ease
And weather all complete.
All hail, Alliance Union men,
Stand by your guns and fight,
For freedom and your country then
You'll save in honor bright.

4. Let grace, and love, and truth abound,
Ye toiling people all;
And may we cleave together sound,
Nor form our Union fall,
What jubilees will then be ours,
From want and slavery free;
Base syndicates and thieving powers,
To sheol all must flee.

5. A government we then may claim,
That's honest just and pure;
And a free people all remain,
For ages to endure.
So may it be, great God of love;
Cause equity and joy,
To reign below, as far above,
Without the least alloy.

E. D. Blakeman. By per.