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Dedication Ode.


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1. This day we meet with joy to greet
True Patrons, one and all,
With festive cheer assembled here
To consecrate this hall;
In heart and hand an earnest band,
We heed the Master's call,
With joyful sound we gather round
To dedicate this hall.

2. With nature's yield from garden, field,
An off'ring to install,
Let heart and voice with us rejoice
To consecrate this hall;
Our altar here in faith we rear
To God, who guides us all;
May hope inspire while we aspire
To dedicate this hall.

3. Ever may we use charity,
Dispensing it to all,
A lesson taught while we have sought
To dedicate this hall;
From envy, hate, guard well the gate,
Fidelity to all,
That life be true our vows renew
To consecrate this hall.

With love, good will,
And charity for all,
From farm and home this day we come,
To dedicate this hall.