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No. 73. Kansas our Hope.

TUNE: "Red, White, and Blue."

Oh, Kansas, the hope of the nation,
The first for reform is her boast,
To work for her own emancipation
From all sorts of deals and their host
Of ringsters and so-called politicians,
Who laugh at one being an easy dupe.
They may see we've changed our positions,
When this fall they get left "in the soup."

"Bleeding Kansas," they called her in war time.
"Being bled" now the cry is far and near.
We will try and keep pace with them this time
And make all their "rings" disappear.
In the fall when our crops shall have ripened
And gathered, and safe from their grasp.
Let us see that our future is brightened,
And give to these sharks their last gasp.

Then gird on your armor for action,
And see that your ballot is true.
Let no Demo-Republico faction
Make you think all they thought of, was you,
And they voted for "trusts" and "combinations,"
To steal all you worked for so long.
Let them know (if its any consolation)
That we now intend to right this foul wrong.

Hurrah! then for Kansas forever,
May she ever be first in the van.
"Let us lead, never follow," be ever
The motto of each Kansas man.
With her "Knights of Labor" and "Alliance."
To uphold her principles of right.
We will then bid all "combines" defiance
And be strong in our faith and our might.