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They Shall Never Deceive Us Again!


Song performed by: Chad Sheridan (vocals) and Tara Dirst (piano). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

By WILL S. LURTON and J. H. RANDALL. Air: "E Pluribus Unum."

Though many and excellent deeds they have done,
These old rotten parties in power,
They are working now the few to enrich,
By robbing and starving the poor;
But the people are rising all over the land,
Their rights to demand as free men;
They'll hurl out of power these treacherous knaves,
So they'll never deceive us again.

CHORUS: -- Yes, the people are rising all over the land.
Their right they'll demand as free men.
And turn out of office the treacherous Knaves,
So they'll never deceive us again.

Our workmen are idle though willing to work.
That their children and wives may be fed.
But the work shops are closed -- there's no work to do.
Our Nation's industries are dead
But the bondholder revels in luxury's lap,
He can drink and carouse all the day;
And the products of labor continually sap,
And need not take greenbacks for pay.

Though the old Alleghanies do tower to heaven,
And the father of waters divide.
Our Greenback's proud destiny cannot be riven,
Though the Shylock's throw reason aside.
A full legal tender our Greenback shall be,
And absolute money for all,
For soldier, bondholder, on land or on sea,
The rich man, the great and the small.

Up with our banner, let it wave in the air,
Though old Shylock and Belmont may rave,
We stand by the contract as given in law.
The Greenback our country must save,
Then crowd to our banner, where 'ere it may call.
Let voters all rally around;
These old rotten parties shall never have power,
To put honest Nationals down.