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Acceptable Tribute.


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The first eight measures may be sung as a quartet if desired.

1. Place thy gift upon the alter,
Lo! thy offering so pure,
Emblematic tells the story,
That God's word will e'er endure;
As was made the first oblation,
In the ages that are past,
We would daily offer tribute,
Kindly deeds until the last.

2. Your rare tribute is accepted,
This God's word whereon fair hand,
Prompted by true hearts are resting,
Well the father understands;
May our minds for e'er be nurtured,
By our great Creator friend,
Sow good seed in life's great harvest,
Reap with joy when comes life's end.

3. Sister, may these simple lesson,
Be engraven on thy mind,
Let us never be forgetful,
But be generous and kind,
Aid and cheer the broken hearted;
Pour a balm on hearts in pain,
With our hands and hearts we greet you,
Gladly we shall meet again.