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No. 11. Our Battle.

TUNE. "Hold the Fort."

Hark ye laborers! Hear the sounding
Of the battle cry.
Forward! Forward! To the conflict,
Raise your banners high.

Stand your ground till Victory crowns you.
Strike for liberty!
Use the ballot for your bullets;
Strive for right or die.


2. Break the chains of foul oppression;
Bid the shackles fall!
Free the bondmen of the Nation
From the debtor's thrall.


3. Better prices for our produce
We at once must have;
Also legal tender money,
That we our home may save.


4. Watch the candidates for office;
Choose only good and true
Men to represent the people,
And their interests too.


5. Railroads, also, must come under
Wholesome, wise constraint;
Syndicates and alien landlords
Must yield to our complaint.


6. Raise your banners noble brothers;
Shout it as your go.
Onward! We will march to conquer,
Out-voting every foe.


7. Then we'll see our country thriving;
Everything will bloom,
And the glorious light of progress
Pierce our dismal gloom.

Wm. T. Edgare.