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The Corner Store.

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1. Great Builder, from whose perfect thought,
Burst like a flower, creation's plan,
Whose mighty hand through ages wrought
To shape a dwelling place for man.

2. Not with Thy wisdom or Thy might
Can we, Thy children, build today,
Since thou couldst poise the stars of light,
And held them on their shining way.

3. Weak are our hands, but striving still
To bring Thy glorious kingdom near,
To work obedient to Thy will,
And claim Thy strength and feel no fear.

4. Builder divine, beside each rope
Let thy bright angels stand today,
Angels of Patience, Faith, and Hope,
Unseen our cornerstone to lay.

5. Speed thou the work until we raise
With shouts of joy and topmost dome,
And grateful say, amid our praise,
We do but give Thee back Thine own.