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The Cairo Atheneum.

Last evening another large audience came together at the Atheneum to witness the re-production of "Life's Revenge" and the "Game Cock of the Wilderness." It was plentifully interspersed with ladies, showing that it has only been the mud which has prevented them from being present each night of the season of the Boniface and Newton Alliance. Both plays were capitally performed, and the hearers put in first rate humor. The dance of M'lle Victoria was energetically encored. She is a graceful danseuse and perfect little lady in civil life.

To-night has been set apart for the first benefit, and next to the last appearance here, of Mr. G. C. Boniface. He is a careful and talented actor, and a gentleman, and deserves and should receive a bumper of a benefit. The bill is an excellent one, consisting of the grand old play of the "Stranger," to be followed by "Blackeyed Susan." Mr. Boniface and Miss Kate Newton, supported by the entire strength of the company, are to appear in both pieces. We have heard Mr. Boniface's "Stranger" greatly praised by those who have seen it, as well as the manner in which Miss Newton pays the very difficult role of "Mrs. Haller." Mr. Boniface's "William," in "Blackeyed Susan" cannot fail to please the most critical, and Miss Newton has every requisite of face, figure, voice and cultivation to make a charming "Susan." M'lle Victoria appears in the last play and dances between the pieces. Come out early, and bring your wife and sisters, and sweethearts.