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From Carrollton, Ill.

Capture of Carlin — Citizens Fired on by Guerrillas — Carlin Threatens to Burn Carrollton — He Expected to Recruit his Force at Springfield on the 18th — The People Hunting the Desperado.

CARROLLTON, Ills., August 16.

Editors Journal:

The citizens of this village were thrown into an intense state of excitement on Thursday last, by the announcement that Col. John Carling, (son of Ex-Gov. Carlin) who has twice made his escape from prison in St. Louis, was in the county, and threatening every Union man swearing that he would drive "every damn Abolitionist" out of the county. In company with some of his gang he was seen on Friday and Saturday in various parts of the county. Captain Hackney, on Sunday night, with fifty citizens, started in pursuit, and came upon them thirteen miles east of this place in camp, charged upon, killing Henderson, who was second in command. This is the same desperado who shot Parker in Jerseyville last spring. Col. Carling was also brought to the ground with three buck shot. He is lying almost at the point of death in our county jail.

When discovered by Hackney, they were progressing in good style, having located their camp near a splendid spring of water, and had slaughtered several beeves and were well supplied with bread manufactured in Jerseyville, in which place a few days before his capture, Carlin held, as I am informed, a public reception at the National House. He stated yesterday in prison that he had eighty men in the county, and this morning Capt. Walter E. Carlin, a cousin of this plundering chieftain, latterly of the Army of the Cumberland, but now of the house of Smith & Lynn, started out on a drive with twenty young men, when they were fired upon by six rebels about nine miles distant from here, when our boys instantly returned the compliment, killing one and wounding another. They were well supplied the money from Jeff's machine, and the most elegant arms, and are certainly unknown to the citizens of the county. The whole county is filled with such plundering the thieving characters from Missouri. The citizens are out en masse, and are determined to take no prisoners, but kill all they find.

Carlin boasted that he would take and burn this his native town on the 20th; said he was going to attend the meeting in your city on the 18th and there augment his force.