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Two army corps crossed to the south side of the James river on Tuesday night, and other portions of the army were crossing at different points. There was fighting on Wednesday in the vicinity of Petersburg. It is believed that Lee will either attack Grant at once, in force, or be compelled to retreat from Richmond, as the surrounding roads must soon be cut, and his army cannot subsist in the city. There are those who suppose he may advance on Washington, or fall upon and crush Hunter; but it is not likely that he will leave Grant in his rear. Lee's cavalry disappeared on Friday, it was supposed in pursuit of Sheridan.

The rebels are engaged in repairing the railroads broken by Gen. Crook, so as to feed Lee's army. A Richmond paper says that Crook and Averill had joined Hunter, and Pope was moving to reinforce him with 4,000 men. This will be news to Gen. Pope.

Many of our wounded are still left in the Wilderness, suffering terribly. Some of the least disabled had hobbled to Washington, sixty miles, on rude crutches, and reported to facts, when supplies were sent, and many of the sufferers brought in. The story is a tough one, for sixty miles is a long walk, if the journey is performed on crutches.

The rebels continue to receive supplies of clothing, breadstuffs, arms and ammunition, from New and Philadelphia, via Nassau. They are said to laugh at our blockade.

There is another, evidently false report, of the capture of Fort Darling.

Gold is 197.