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491. Dillard C. Donnohue (Jesse W. Weik Interview).

Feb 13 '87

was with Lincoln at War Dept. when news of Ft Donelson battle rec'd. As news grew brighter some fellow being jubilant cried out "lets have a drink." Lincoln said "All right bring in some water."

L. said on the Subject of religion that he once happened in at a class meeting in Ills. and an old man named Glenn testified that when he did good he felt good, when he did bad he felt bad. That, says, L. is my religion — deeds done in the body &c.

During the very darkest hour of the rebellion — after the blowing up of mines & men — utter failures to the Union Army on Aug 1st 1862 day of fasting & prayer. Donnohue went down one day to the White House — negroes assembled for prayer meeting in park between White House & Jackson Monument. One old chap with voice like a gong prayed with hands uplifted 'O Lord command the sun & moon to stand still while your Joshua Abraham Lincoln fights the battle of freedom." Then an old woman with handkerchief tied over head and a magnificent voice "Aunt Kitty Burton sang this song

Believers in that day
They will rise and fly away
Glad to hear the trumpet sound
In that Morning
Crying O Lord See How I long
Glad to hear the trumpet sound
In that morning

Donnohue was at Charleston when Lincoln & Douglas made speeches, L had open & close. L. was dissatisfied with result & action of Douglas day before — Said if Douglas angered him he would state "that he (L) did not have to have his wife along to keep him sober." Donnohue had induced Greencastle Ind drum corps Conkling boys to accompany L & D on the trip. At Charleston Lincoln told story of loafer stealing butter & putting it under hat Proprietor of store saw stealing and made loafer stay while he prepared stew at stove. Latter had to sit by stove while making stew and melted butter ran down his head while owner of store inquired of him why he was sweating so.

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 2, Memorandum Book 1