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New York, July 13

— Maj. Gen. Howard has issued an address to his 11th corps, congratulating them on their bravery and success in defeating the rebels.

The Tribune states that one of their correspondents, who arrived Sunday from the front, states that the Potomac had fallen five feet, and was fordable for horses. The rebel army are concentrating at Falling Waters.

Judge McNair, Mrs. Ballard, and an unknown Commodore, all rebel spies, were arrested here on Saturday as they were about leaving for Dixie.

A Tribune special save Capt. Belcher, of a Maine regiment, who escaped from the rebels, reports that they took 4,000 prisoners. — The rebels estimated their killed and wounded at 20 000.

A Harrisburg dispatch to the Herald says a telegram from London, Sunday, states that the enemy are pressed in front and on both flanks by Meade, who holds them tightly where they are. It is raining heavily tonight and the Potomac has not fallen.

Dispatches to the Herald dated near Funkstown, 12th, says the right wing of our army under Sedgwick, rested on Saturday night this side of Funkstown, but were to advance on Sunday morning.

It is believed that no rebels will be found this side of the Potomac.

A special to the Times from Antietam river, Sunday, July 12th, says our whole line is ordered to advance to-day, and unles the enemy retire there ill be more or less fighting before night. The enemy held his position line very tenaciously, as though concealing some strong position behind it.

There are well grounded fears that the river may become fordable in a day or two. It had fallen considerably at Shepardstown yesterday, and was still rapidly receding. There is a prospect of more rain to-day.

Scouts from Winchester yesterday report the enemy moving their pontoon train and a train of ammunition to Williamsport.

A mob at the 3rd Avenue conscription office, drove off all the officials and fired the building. The whole block is in flames. The mob won't allow the firemen to work. They have also destroyed all the telegraph wires in the vicinity. They are evidently bent on more mischief. The regulars from Governor's Island have been sent to the scene.