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Notice — Ladies' Meeting.

Pursuant to the appeal of the United States sanitary commission, to the loyal and patriotic women of the United States, to aid in providing for the wants of, and caring for our sick and wounded soldiers, and supplying necessaries to those in active service, many of the ladies of Rock Island desire to enter into an organization in order more efficiently to perform their part of this noble work, and thereby minister at least to the needs of those who have gone from among us — the citizen soldiers of Rock Island county.

Notes of want and distress are even now heard from our soldiers on the frontier sersice in Missouri, and the women of Rock Island only need to hear them to hasten to relieve the necesities of those who have gone forth to fight our battles, and preserve to us the liberties left to us by the fathers and mothers of the revolution. Therefore, the ladies of Rock Island are hereby all invited to meet at Masonic Hall on Thursday, October 24th, at precisely 3 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of organizing a society, and preparing plans to be carried out at future meetings.