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Judge Douglas in Springfield.

Senator Douglas arrived here yesterday, and was warmly greeted by men of all parties.

A joint resolution was adopted by the legislature, inviting him to address that body upon the existing crisis. To this invitation he responded, and last night he spoke, in the hall of representatives, to one of the largest audiences ever assembled in our city. We give his remarks in this morning's paper. He speaks as all could wish Douglas to speak. He speaks as a patriot — as a democrat, basing his democracy upon the constitution, the Union, "one and inseparable."

He holds that the country is in danger from the aggression of usurpers, of contemners of popular rights, and that it is the duty of every true man to lend his aid in crushing out such usurpation — to maintain the governmental authority for the preservation of the Union, of law and order, and to resist the anarchy which secessionists would spread abroad in the land.

He held, that in the present crisis there could be no half way ground. Party must give way to patriotism. Let us heed the teachings of the man who has never yet failed the people in defence of sound principles, popular rights, and the integrity of the national Union.