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No Slavery -- no War.

Had this government repudiated slavery in toto when it was founded, who believes that we should have had a great rebellion now? Then what is the remedy but to repudiate slavery now?

But the original intent and policy of the government was not to encourage, but to dis courage slavery, and give it time to disappear without any sudden disruption of society. In this the then slaveholders assented. In pursuance of this plan the ordinance of '87 was established, the foreign slave trade abolished; numerous States adopted emancipation measures, and everything went on harmoniously until the slaveholders repudiated the policy of the Fathers. Since then our troubles have thickened until we have a rebellion for slavery. Now we can end the question by ending the cause, and do it legally and justifiably. Why not do it?

"No slavery — no war." Slavery commenced the war, and but for it European nations would not be discussing the propriety of recognizing the bogus confederacy. They will not interfere for the sake of slavery per se, but they would weaken our power, and consider that our "ill wind" will blow to them a deal of good if we are stupid enough not to annihilate slavery when we can. Shall we hesitate longer?

All other questions have passed away but this — "the Union, or Slavery?" On one side or the other all Americans are now planting themselves, and the decisive hour is at hand. Reader, are you for the Union, or Slavery? The South says that slavery is greater and better than the Union; and those who are not with it are against it. "Choose ye whom ye will serve" — the Union, or Slavery?