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The Call for Troops — Prompt Action Demanded.

We learn from the Adjutant General's office that information has already been received of a very large number of incipient organizations in this State under the call for nine new regiments. It is of the utmost importance that these organizations be completed as rapidly as possible, and placed in position for active service. Economy and humanity, the interests of society and civilization demand that a speedy end be put to this insane and infamous rebellion. The loyal men of the Union have the power to do it in ninety days if they will only use that power. The more powerful the armies they put forth for this purpose, the more complete and thorough will be the work, and the less will be the cost in life and money.

In other States enlistments are going on with alacrity and enthusiasm. Public meetings are being held to urge forward the work, and cities and individuals are offering their means for its encouragement. Illinois has never yet been found in the rear of her sister States, and we feel assured that she will not be so now. Why not follow the example so nobly set by Indiana, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts and other States.

The ranks of the rebels have been filled by conscription with a temporary and unwilling soldiery. Unless speedily successful, the rebellion dies an object of contempt to the whole world, and of loathing and averson to the deluded masses who have been drawn into it. Let the desperate efforts which the rebel leaders are now making be met by one still more powerful, for in that alone lies all hope of an early return of peace and prosperity to our country.

For the sake of those who are already in the field, and who have battled so bravely and successfully for the cause of law and order — for the sake of the memory of those sacrificed in the unholy struggle — for the sake of those dependent for safety and protection upon the strong hands and brave hearts of American freemen — for the sake of posterity, let the enlistments go forward with all possible dispatch. What is wanted is prompt, energetic, earnest, patriotic ACTION — and the rebellion will soon be remembered among the things of the past — "a hissing and a by-word among the nations."