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Assault and Capture of Atlanta.


Sherman's Loss 2,000.



Detection of a Treasonable Conspiracy in the Northwest.

Illinois K. G. C.'s Conspiring with Missouri Traitors.

CINCINNATI, July 24. — The Gazette's correspondent, under date of Atlanta, gives interesting details of the moves of Sherman's army since crossing the Chattahoochie river. On the morning of the 18th the whole line advanced, McPherson taking possession of the extreme left, Schofield the left center, and Palmer the extreme right. On the morning of the 18th our advance reached Peach Tree Creek, a stream running four miles from Atlanta.

After considerable skirmishing the enemy was dislodged and a portion of Howard's corps crossed, our left in the meantime swinging round to the Atlanta and Augusta railroad and tearing up several miles of track.

On the evening of the 19th and morning of the 20th, Howard, Hooker and Palmer crossed with the balance of the corps, forming a line all along the south bank of the creek.

At 3 P. M. the rebels made a desperate attack on Howard. This great attack soon extended to Hooker, the rebels advancing three deep. Portions of our line at first wavered before this terrible onset, but were quickly rallied and stood firm as a rock.

On this position our line was massed on by over one half of the rebel army, both parties fighting, for the first time in the campaign, in an open field. Before dark the rebels were entirely defeated, having failed to break our lines at any point, and retreated, leaving most of their dead and wounded, 2,000, on the field. Our loss will reach 2,000 men, principally from Hooker's corps. Rebel loss, killed, wounded and missing, exceeds 6,000, including three Brigadier Generals.

The extreme left operations were successful, McPherson driving the enemy several miles. Blair's division advanced a mile and a half south of the Augusta road. On the morning of the 21st the enemy was driven with small loss to the works immediately around Atlanta. On the 22d they had withdrawn from Hooker and Palmer's front; at 2 o'clock p. m. of that day portions of our army entered the city.

The Commercial has the following official report of the losses in Hooker's corps in the battle of Atlanta: Williams' division 627, Geary's 457, Ward's 527, Newton's 102; total 1,713.

Among the killed are Col. Sogie, 151st New York; Lt. Col. Randall, 149th New York; Adjt. Radcliff, 143d New York. Wounded: Gen. Gresham, commanding division, severely; Maj. Baldwin, 150th New York; Lt. Col. McNitt, 141st New York.