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Reunion of the 105th Illinois Volunteers.


Reunion Photograph


I can't tell you anything about this picture or how it came into my possession, but I think it probably came in a picture frame that came into my mother's (Birdella Buckholz Kelly -- Mrs. Edward J. Kelly) second-hand store on West State Street, Sycamore, Illinois, back in the early 1940's.

Joyce Kelley Dryden
Route 5
Sycamore, Ill.

Courthouse of Sycamore, Ill.
Looks like Civil War Soldiers

Acknowledged receipt
Of photo 7/5/81 LW.


Sycamore True Republican September 2, 1911.


Forty-Sixth Annual Reunion Of One Hundred Fifth Illinois Volunteers Will In All Probability Be Last In Sycamore. -- Exercises Held.

The forty-sixth annual reunion of the One Hundred Fifth Illinois Volunteers, which was held in Sycamore this Friday, was much enjoyed. The Weather was ideal.

Several of the aged veterans had arrived here the last few days from a distance. On the early morning train on the Northwestern road a number of the old "boys" with their families and the Maple Park drum corps arrived, and were escorted from the station by a committee of the Sycamore veterans.

The visitors found many of the business places decorated in honor of the occasion.

At the meeting in the court house tin the morning officers of the association were elected for the ensuing year as follows:
Ira Allen, president; E. K. Woodard, vice president; I. T. Seroggin, secretary. All are from Sandwich, where it is expected to hold the next reunion.

Mayor Beckler in well chosen words welcomed the visitors to Sycamore.

After the meeting the veterans and their families and the drum corps were photographed together in front of the court house.

At noon the veterans and their families repaired to the Congregational church where they were served with a bountiful dinner.

The exercises in Townsend theater in the afternoon were of a high order and greatly enjoyed by all. The theater was filled.

The stage was never decorated with more taste.

The excellent singing by the Sycamore mixed quartette seemed to be greatly appreciated, and the solos by Mrs. Cliffe and Mr. Middleton were enthusiastically received.

George E. Dutton, son of the old colonel of the regiment, found among his father's papers a song which had apparently been sung before the regiment at some reunion many years ago, and while no music accompanied it, he sang it in his fine bass voice to the air, "The Old Oaken Bucket," and the effort was greeted with much applause.

Hon. A. C. Cliffe delivered a most appropriate address of welcome, which was heartily applauded.

One of the most enjoyable numbers was that by that talented reader Mrs. Cora Whitmore-Votaw.

The talks by members of the regiment and the reading of letters from absent members was, as usual on these occasions, one of the most interesting features.

The following veterans registered at headquarters:
W. H. Jordan, Co. E, Maple Park.
Geo. Wakefield, Co. K., Waterman.
Wm. A. Cougle, Co. G., Maywood.
I. T. Scoggins, Co. H., Sandwich.
W. F. Peters, Co. A, Sycamore.
John McCormick, Co. E, Shabbona.
Wm. Bowker, Co. E, Shabbona.
John Miller, Co. E, Shabbona.
Aaron Dessinger, Co. F, Naperville.
B. A. Patten, Co. G, DeKalb.
G. D. Wyllys, Co. C, Kingston.
A. C. Smith, Co. A, Woodward.
Warren, Sayer, Co. F, Elgin.
T. G. Rogers, Co. B, Downers Grove.
Moses Grumbine, Co. B, Chicago.
A. L. Palmer, Co. B, Downers Grove.
A. Ackerman, Co. F, Glen Ellyn.
T. N. Springer, Co. H, Chicago.
Louis Schmidt, Co. I, Bensonville.
Henry Brockman, Co. I, Buckley.
W. J. Beidlemar, Co. B, Downers Grove
James Pierce, Co. A, Genoa.
Fred Weber, Co. I, Buckley.
Fred Luhasen, Co. T, Buckley.
H. Knippenberg, Co. I. Melrose Park,
David Frank, Co. I. Lombard.
S. Beebe, Co. C, Delight, Kansas.
W. H. Wiltberper, Co. T, Waterman.
E. M. Phelps, Co. A, Sycamore.
Samuel Petrie, Co. A, Sycamore.
C. M. Flanders, Co. K, Sycamore.
A. H. Wiant, Co. B, West Chicago.
Ira Allen, Co. K, Sandwich.
James A. Congleton, Co. F, Chicago.
R. K. Woodard, Co. H, Sandwich.
E. Skinner, Co. H, Sandwich.
E. A. Thompson, Co. C, Kingston.
H. M. Stark, Co. C, McClave, Col.
J. W. Howe, Co. C, West Union, La.
E. C. West, Co. A, Sycamore.
Swen Palmquist, Co. K, Malta.
Chas. Johnson, Co., Dorchester, Neb.
A. Vauben, Co. E, DeKalb.
Thos. McCormick, Co. E, DeKalb.
E. Mamk, Co. B, Lawrence, Kansas.
Wm. Buck, Co. A, Sycamore.
Willard Scott, Co. B, Naperville.
E. P. Safford, Co. A, Sycamore.
Henry Worf, Co. C, Kirkland.
E. J. Holcomb, Co. A, Sycamore.
A. H. Hennis, Co. H, Sandwich.
Clark Winans, Co. C, Sycamore.
David Martin, Co. H, Aurora.
C. B. Riddle, Co. H, Aurora.
J. Leffler, Co. B, Naperville.
W. H. Wyman, Co. B, Morrison.
E. V. Davis, Co. G, Royal, Iowa.
W. M. Smith, Co. G, Burlington.
John A. Green, Co. K, Waterman.
J. F. Poplar, Co. H, Somonauk.
T. J. Albee, Co. C, Oak Park.
G. W. Nichols, Co. H, Milbrook.



1. Townsend Theatre was The Opera House.