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Crittenden on Abolitionism.

As the Illinois Journal has endeavored to press John J. Crittenden into the service of the radicals, let us revive that paper's recollection of his principles and sentiments in regard to the abolitionists by citing a paragraph from one of his letters, written since the adjournment of the last congress, which will very emphatically show on which side of the controversy the sympathies of the venerable statesman lie:

"The guiding principle with me during the last congress was to vote for all legitimate and constitutional measures necessary to the most vigorous and successful prosecution of the war, and that I was opposed to all those measures of folly and fanaticism, vengeance and abolition, which, during the latter portion of the session, were introduced by the dominant abolition party. In that class of expedients I included all those measures for penalties, forfeitures, confiscations, emancipation of slaves, the raising of negro armies, etc., etc. Most of those measures were in may judgment unconstitutional, and all of them grossly inexpedient and impolitic. I have changed none of these opinions, and as long as my convictions remain unchanged I will continue to pursue the course I have heretofore done. With these avowals on my pact, no one can misunderstand my position or fail to anticipate what my course will be. I desire no man's vote under a misapprehension of my views, and my object in this publication is to remove the possibility of any man's being deceived in relation to them."

Can we not persuade the Illinois Journal (which by the way is still silent on the course of Lyman Trumbull and the Illinois republican congressman in relation to the Crittenden resolution) to give the country its views upon the above extract? Is it not an expression of principle which every "earnest, unconditional Union man" can heartily indorse?

Let us assure the Journal that the "unconditional Union" copperheads indorse every word, both of Crittenden's resolution, and those contained in the above extract, while the administration and "unconditional war" republicans repudiate both the resolution and the declaration of principles quoted above. That's the only difference.