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The Origin of the Story.

In the letters, from Lieut. Jobe and Corporal Stearns, published in the Daily Argus of Saturday, pointed allusions were made to some person in Rock Island who had circulated stories prejudicial to the action of Lieuts. Koehler and Jobe, officers of Co. C, 12th regiment, at the battle of Donelson. No person was mentioned by name, but the allusions were so pointed that no one could doubt that Capt. David Benson (formerly captain of this company) was the person alluded too.

To-day, Capt. Benson, and E. M. Devinney, who was wounded at Donelson, called at our office, and we had a full and free conversation with them, upon the subject. We are fully satisfied, from this conversation, that the stories originated with Devinney, and that there is not a word of truth in them.

Capt. Benson says he has not circulated any story prejudicial to the company of its officers, and that he has always felt a deep interest in the welfare of the company. He wishes us to make this statement, as he does not want the members of the company to feel that he would willingly say anything to their discredit.

Mr. Devinney's story is flatly contradicted by Lieutenant Colonel A. L. Chetlain's official report, and by a paper now in our hands, signed by every member of the company on duty, at the time the paper was circulated through the company. There let the matter rest. Let us believe our soldiers are all brave men, and that they have done and will do their duty — at least until the contrary is shown.