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Congressional Proceedings.

Confirmation of S. P. Chase as Chief Justice.



The Citizens wont come out of their hiding places.


Threatened Raid on Detroit From Canada!

Afternoon Report.

The publication of the President's message compels us to condense our afternoon report.

Gen. Hood has proposed an exchange of prisoners with Gen. Thomas, which the latter declined became the confederate prisoners taken by him had been sent North, and were out of his jurisdiction.

A rebel attack on one of our blockhouses near Murfreesboro was repulsed, and the rebels subsequently lost a number of prisoners and six cannon in an attack by our forces. — Hood is planting cannon on a hill near Hyde ferry road. A heavy cannonading took place to prevent the erection of batteries in front of a portion of our lines.

NEW YORK, Dec. 7. — We have to-day some additional items from rebel sources, showing how the fright at Sherman's approach to the sea coast is spreading in Georgia and South Carolina. All the officials and military have issued fierce and feverish proclamations calling on every male, old and young, able to shoulder a musket to immediately report for duty. The mayors of Savannah and Charleston, as well as the rebel army officers commanding in these places, have issued before their already terrified communities documents of this character, probably by this means adding considerably to the panic. Gov. Brown of Ga., has issued three more proclamations; but in Charleston, according to the Republican of that city, even these stirring papers do not bring out the citizens, for it appears that a military guard has to go around the town and drag them out of their hiding places. Gen. Dick Taylor has been assigned to the command of all the Alabama and Georgia reserves, with his headquarters at Savannah.

The Macon Telegraph of Nov. 25th says Sherman's situation is daily growing more precarious, and we may confidently hope for his complete overthrow and destruction. The Central road is said to be entirely destroyed between Griswoldville and McIntire.