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From the 50th Regiment.

NEAR SAVANNAH, Dec. 18th, 1864.

To the friends of our Country's cause the soldiers of the 50th Ill. Inft. Vet. Volunteers send greeting. This is to certify that Gen. Sherman's army marched through the great State of Georgia, and did not march over the dead bodies of any of the gallant sons of the sunny South, as it has been said of old that should the Abolition vandals invade their sacred soil, such a task would be before them.

Leaving Atlanta on the 15th day of Nov., and arriving at Ft. McAlister on the 11th day of December, capturing the Fort with its garrison on the 13th, thus opening communication between the land forces under General Sherman and the fleet; the army receives supplies from the fleet, and is in fine spirits.

The 50th Illinois infantry is in as good a condition, if not better, than when it left Rome. They are drawing supplies on the oyster beds on the coast. Everything is fine in this country.

The situation of our army is more than equal to the emergency.

The parents and families of the members of the 50th Illinois Infantry regiment can feel perfectly easy as to its safety.

Very respectfully,
Capt. Co. K, 50th Ill. Inft. Vol.