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The Victory.

Gen. Reade, a week ago unknown or thought of only as an obscure corps commander in the army of the Potomac, has revealed himself to the country gloriously. All doubt in reference to his military ability has been dissipated. From the moment the baton of command passed into his hand, it was evident he knew how to wield it. The promptness with which he formed his combinations, and the celerity with which his plans were executed, are unparalleled in the war. The wonder of the people now is, why such genius has not hitherto been recognized and placed in position to develop itself. His selection seems to have been one of those fortunate accidents which happen once in a century, from which but little was augured, but which has resulted most gloriously. From what he has done we are inclined to predict still greater achievements in the future. A general who could so suddenly organize a victory, must be the very man to make the most of its results. He will, and the country will of course insist that the grannies at Washington shall no be allowed to interfere with his plans, or falter his action.

The dispatches of yesterday confirm the previous reports of the rout of the rebels and the utter failure of their bold foray into Pennsylvania. They have been completely overwhelmed, and killed, wounded and captured by thousands. The federal victory is a complete one, though the slaughter on both side, has been very great, and the casualties among the principal officers without a parallel in any previous battle of the war.

The great army of Lee has been, practically, annihilated, and its surviving fragments are hurrying southward, closely pursued by the cavalry of Gen. Meade. A deadly blow had been struck at the rebellion. Let us hope that it may be followed up in mode and manner to bring a speedy end to the fratierdal strife which is devouring the country's substance and sapping the foundations of national liberty.

Our telegraphic column gives such particulars of the great conflict, and the triumph of the federal arms, as we have thus far received.