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Boston is the hub of the universe. Boston is the intellectual centre of this continent. Boston is the Mecca of abolitionism, of which Gov. Andrew is the prophet. When an abolitionist out west dies, he expects to go to Boston.

Boston is to the abolition party what Paris is to the world of fashion. Boston sets the political fashions for that party in the United States. It has never yet set a standard to which the party did not come up, and they will never fail to reach any standard of politics which Boston shall erect in the future. Let us tell our abolition friends where Boston is going to bring them before the close of this year.

President Lincoln concluded his famous proclamation — "the Pope's bull against the comet" — as follows:

Let us, then, rest humbly in the hope authorized by the Divine teachings, that the united cry of the nation will be heard on high, and answered with blessings, no less than the pardon of our national sins, and the restoration of our now divided and suffering country to its former happy condition of unity and peace.

This strikes us as a pretty fair prayer for Old Abe, who isn't much accustomed to that sort of business, but it don't suit Boston. The Commonwealth, a leading abolition organ of that centre of civilization, expounds the Divine purpose towards the country, and at the same time snubs the president, thus:

It is a cool assumption of the president that the pardon of our national sins has any kind of connexion with the restoration of our country to its "former happy condition of unity and peace." Our own opinion is, that if God had resolved not to pardon us at all, He would prove it by allowing the restoration of that old "unity and peace." That unity was crime; that peace worse than war.

We have been living in a state of sinful peace for the best part of eighty years; now we are enjoying the religion of war. True, we totally depraved heathen out west, who are becoming impoverished in purse, and are losing fathers, brothers and husbands on the altar of this Moloch, are not quite converted to this new Boston religion — cannot say "amen" very fervently, but we shall no doubt come to it in time. Boston, who furnishes shoes, shoddy and et ceteras for the army at fat prices, and who employs Californians and negroes to take her place in the ranks, is a very proper avatar of the new faith which she promulgates with a becoming zeal. We are sorry, however, to see the Commonwealth so far forget itself, as to indulge in a curse upon the president, for to our old-fashioned mode of thinking, profane language is the reverse of religious. But the world moves, and Boston with it. The Commonwealth counteracts the weight of brother Lincoln's prayer with this malediction:

May the tongue be withered, ere it is answered, that prays for a restoration of that old state of things from which God in his mercy seems willing to rescue us — than which His fiercest wrath could find no more terrible doom for a blind nation led by blind rulers.

These are specimen bricks from the creed which Boston has devised, and which western abolitionists will be compelled to swallow before the first day dawn of another year. We advise them to take to it kindly, and commence early, so as to become perfect with their new catechism. Let us unite in singing the New York Tribune's well-known hymn, in short metre, commencing.

"All hail the flaunting Lie!" &c.

Please sing without lining. After which the Illinois Journal will give in its adhesion to the Boston creed.