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The People Awake!


A Stunning Blow to Abolition Jacobinism!

Enough has been learned of the elections of Tuesday, to know that the people have commenced their work of condemnation of the imbecility, corruption and usurpations of the [unknown] administration. If the great state of Pennsylvania, which, two years ago, gave Mr. Lincoln 60,000 majority, has not entirely reversed its position, the people have made a long stride to that end and have displaced a number of abolition congressmen, by the election of democrats.

In Ohio, the 50,000 administration majority of last year is overborne, and the democracy carry the state by 15,000 or 20,000! The reckless abolition majority in the last legislature of that state gerrymandered the congressional districts, as they thought, so as to give the democracy but two of the nineteen members; but abolitionism failed in its nefarious purpose. The people have elected a majority, probably two-thirds, of the democratic nominees.

In Indiana, Mr. Lincoln's 23,000 majority is overborne, has vanished, and the democratic state ticket is elected by at least 10,000, with a democratic legislature and a democratic majority in the congressional delegation.

Thus much is known, and from the fact that the telegraph, which is in hands inimical to the democracy & under government control, indeed & so tardily brings the election results, we are led to hope that the people's triumph over unscrupulous, wicked partisanism in power, is much greater than is yet reported to us.

The elections of Tuesday speak, in thunder tones, the popular condemnation of the ruling powers in the government.

They tell, in unmistakable terms, that the abolition proclamation of the president is abhorrent to the free white men of the country.

That they loathe, and will resist the encroachments upon constitutional rights, by the executive & his suspension of the habeas corpus & his repudiation of the jury right & his assumption that his will is above the magna charta.

They tell that his subserviency to the mandates of the jacobin crew who would elevate the negro to political equality with white men, or destroy the government, and with it white men's liberties, is loathed and spat upon.

They tell that the tyrannical arrests and degrading imprisonment of loyal men, in subversion of constitution and law, will not be patiently borne.

They tell that the people feel the galling yoke which abolition tyranny has placed upon them, and is endeavoring to fix more firmly.

They tell, trumpet-toned, that the extravagance, corruption and plunder which pervades all departments of the government, must be stopped, and just punishment meted out to the guilty.

They tell, in fine, that the people deem abolition rule not only a failure, but its continuance a crime, which can only result in anarchy, and finally, in a permanent despotism.

The sovereign people are awake, at last. Let the noble work of disenthrallment and regeneration from public corruption, administrative usurpation and tyranny, proceed. Our noble army is in the field against armed rebellion. Let home patriots proceed, with the ballot, against abolition usurpation of the people's rights, against abolition warfare on the constitution, and abolition machinations against the restoration of our once glorious Union. Let the people of Illinois follow up the blow given the conspirators on Tuesday. We have full faith that they will do it.