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The Election.

Voters, the responsibility that now rests upon you is beyond human calculation. The amount of happiness to be enjoyed, or the misery and anguish to be endured by you, your children and children's children, depends on the way you cast your votes at this election. The questions at issue between political parties heretofore, are as less than nothing, compared with the mighty interests which are now pending. The great questions now to be decided are of the most vital importance. It is not merely the election of this man or that man, the success of this party or that party. It is an election of country or no country! The sentiments of the man for whom you cast your vote will be recorded as your sentiments. If you vote for a man who is disloyal and a traitor to his country, your vote will be recorded in favor of disloyality and against your country. And if you vote for a man who is loyal to the Government and unconditionally for the Constitution and the Union that vote will be registered in favor of the perpetuation of the best government over permitted to be instituted by a free people. Which way will you vote? Shall we continue to have a government? Shall the rights which are the birthrights of every American citizen be discarded and throw away? — Shall the Temble of Liberty for which our forefathers fought and died, crumble into decay and fall into ruin? Shall we have a country? — are questions of infinite importance, and your votes will answer them. You will vote for your country or against it.

Voters, do not let political tricksters mislead you. Lay aside your political prejudices, and calmly consider these important questions. And in view of the momentous interests which are at stake, go to the polls and vote for no man who is not uncompromisingly and unconditionally for his country.

If you vote for a traitor you must expect that that man will act the part of a traitor. If you vote for a man who stated that "if the Illinois soldiers went South to fight the rebels, they would have to march over his dead body," you vote for a rebels sympathiser. If you vote for a man who said that "when it comes to fighting, he would fight for the South," you vote for a rebel. If you vote for any man who endorses the resolutions of the Secesh Democratic Convention, you vote in favor of resolutions that would be indorsed by Jeff. Davis himself. If you vote for any man who is indorsed by the State Register, you vote against your Government and against your brave and patriotic sons, brothers and friends who are now periling their lives to defend your country.

Senator Douglas has said, "There are only two sides to the question. Every man must be for the United States or against it. There can be no neutrals in this war, ONLY PATRIOTS AND TRAITORS."

On Tuesday you are called upon to vote. — There are only two parties. You must vote for one party or the other, there can be no neutrals; every man must be for the United States or against it.

The Union ticket contains the names of none but those who are loyal and conditionally for the Union. These men love the Union better than the negro. They love their country above any other worldly consideration. They are all good men and true.

Voters of Sangamon county, vote for BUTLER, BATEMAN, INGERSOLL, SWETT, CULLOM, ROSETTE, GILL, KIDD and HOPKINS. They have no sympathy with political demagogues or with rebels. Let every man who loves his country, turn out and give the day to his country. Vote yourself, and see that all your neighbors vote. Now is the time to redeem your country from the curse which infernal traitors North and South have brought upon it.

Watch your tickets. Scrutinize them closely. Do not be deceived. Do not vote for traitors.