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The Cairo Atheneum.

There was a very fair audience at the Atheneum last night, called out by the excellent bill presented by the management. The "Golden Farmer" was well played, there being a noticeable improvement in the "study" of the actors and actresses generally. Mr. Noyes personated the leading role with spirit and correctness. In fact, everything passed off very pleasantly, and apparently to the entire satisfaction of those who were present.

Jo. L. Mason was very funny in the farces, "Family Jars," and "The Two Buzzards." In fact, he surpassed himself. There has been, from some reason, a great change in Mason for the better. He was always good — but more recently he has apparently renewed and rejuvenated himself. Should he continue to improve he will soon find himself famous, and a great favorite here with all classes. The comedian was ably seconded by Mrs. J. F. Noyes and Miss Douglass. The latter lady is a very useful actress indeed, and generally does all she undertakes in unexceptionable style. T. R. Hann was as good as usual. We had no idea, ten years ago, that he would make such an excellent delineator of old men's parts. Then he was our beau ideal of leading men. He is deserving of the public praise from his many gentlemanly qualities on and off the stage.

Mr. and Mrs. Couldock, who were expected here, and announced to appear in the drama of the "Willow Copse," failed to make their connection, probably from detention upon railroad trains. They will undoubtedly be here to-morrow, and come out as previously advertised. In consequence of this unavoidable circumstance, a change has been made in the programme for this evening. Three rousing pieces to be played by the stock company, have been substituted for the "Willow Copse." This sort of an apology is very provoking on the part of the management, but such accidents will happen, and it is to be hoped that an indulgent public will bear with all concerned and lay no blame upon any one excepting fate, which seems to have been unpropitious. The stock company will do their best this evening.