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The Movement Against Fort Donelson.

A gentleman who left Fort Henry, on Wednesday evening last, informs us that the movement of troops against Fort Donelson began on the morning of that day. The land force numbered about 35,000 then, who began moving long before day break, and at 10 o'clock, A.M., they were followed by the general officers with their staff. A good turnpike road had been discovered which was available the greater part of the march. The design was for this force to halt at a point five miles distant from the Fort and await the opening of the battle by the gunboats. The latter left Paducah the same afternoon, and would arrive in the vicinity of the Fort in the course of the ensuing night. If all was favorable, it is more than probable the attack was made early on Thursday, and kept up until the rebels were driven from their shelter to the woods, where they would fall into the hands of the land forces. The entire fleet of gunboats, except the Essex, were expected to participate and a large number of troops, some 12,000, went along on the transports for the purpose of aiding in the attack by river.