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War Meetings at Jacksonville.



We have received two reports of war meetings held in Jacksonville on last Saturday and Monday. We should be glad to publish both, but have not the space. We, therefore, take the liberty to condense the two reports.

The meeting of Saturday was addressed by Gen. Murray McConnell, Charles H. Fox, Esq., and Rev. H. Buck. The utmost enthusiasm prevailed. Beside making a speech Charlie Fox signed his name to the muster roll of a new company about being formed, and was followed by some twenty or thirty others on the spot.

The meeting of Monday was an impromptu affair. Dr. J. T. Cassell presided and J. T. Newman acted as Secretary. J. O. King offered the following preamble and resolution, which were received with cheers and unanimously adopted:

"WHEREAS, All the country are equally interested in protecting our Government, it is the duty of all to bear the burden; therefore Resolved, That we petition our honorable County Court to make an appropriation for the purpose of raising a fun as a bounty of fifty dollars for each volunteer raised in Morgan county, Illinois, under the present call as per our quota."

One of our correspondents says "this will undoubtedly be done, for our County Court is loyal." Our other correspondent says that in case the County Court fails to make the appropriation the people have pledged themselves to raise the money. Five hundred dollars were raised on the spot to pay the expenses of recruiting and for the support of the families of those enlisting. We learn that the amount has since been increased to one thousand dollars. David A. Smith, Esq., proposed to give one hundred dollars to each company raised in the county, and Mr. Hockenhall offers three dollars to each recruit in the county. These are gentlemen of means, and they will perform what they have promised. Others manifested a similar spirit and liberality. It is said that Morgan county will furnish four full companies for the war. Charles H. Fox takes the stump immediately and will visit every precinct in the county raising recruits. In the language of one of our correspondents: "Old Morgan is awake to the interests of our Government, and you may rest assured that we will raise the whole number of our quota — without drafting. Like the days of '76, men are leaving their farms, and stores, and offices, their wives and children, their all, to put down this unholy, devilish rebellion. Money and life are offered freely upon the altar of our Liberties, and, ‘white life, and hope, and being last,’ while God is for the right — the old flag — the dear old flag — shall wave over this land, this whole land."

Another meeting was to be held on Monday night. Springfield and Sangamon county must arouse, or they will be distanced in the race of patriotism by "Old Morgan."