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Glorious News.

Vicksburg is at Last Ours.

From our Army in the East.

The Rebel Generals Ewell, Barksdale and Garnett Killed.

Four Thousand More Prisoners Captured.

Another Great Battle Imminent.

The Rebel Soldiers Deserting by Thousands.

&c., &c., &c.

CAIRO, July 7. — A dispatch boat from Vicksburg, Sunday, arrived, bringing the news that Pemberton had sent a flag of truce on the 4th, offering to surrender if allowed to march his men out. Grant said none could leave except as prisoners of war. Pemberton then unconditionally surrendered.

BALTIMORE, July 6. — What is believed as positive information is received here, that Gen. Ewell expired to-day, at a house two miles from Fancytown, from wounds received at Gettysburg.

WASHINGTON, July 7. — Secretary Welles received a dispatch from Admiral Porter that Vicksburg surrendered on July 4.

GETTYSBURG, July 6. — A special to the Times reports from the front very cheering intelligence. Our forces are close on the enemy, and important reports are expected by night.

Gen. Gregg reports that the rebels are going to Greencastle instead of Chambersburg.

The enemy are abandoning their wounded along their line of retreat, officers as well as privates.

And there dispatch states that the head of the rebel army passed through Greenwood, twelve miles northeast of Hagerstown, Sunday noon.

The rebel Generals Barksdale and Garnett were killed.

The enemy are reported to have built a trestle bridge across the Potomac above Williamsport. If so, it is feared their main force may escape.

WASHINGTON, July 6, P. M. — The president decided that the application of Stephens and Auld for a personal interview, could not be granted, and that their communication must be received through the ordinary channels.

PHILADELPHIA, July 7. — The Inquirer has a dispatch dated Carlisle, the 6th, P. M., stating that the rebels were at Williamsport Sunday evening.

Sedgwick was in their rear with 25,000 fresh troops.

CHICAGO, July 7. — The following dispatch is just received.

Cairo, July 7, 1 p. m. — To E. D. L. Sweet, Chicago: The naval commander here has just received an official dispatch that Pemberton had surrendered Vicksburg, on July 4th.

PHILADELPHIA, July 7. — The president has a dispatch from Gettysburg, 5th p. m., stating that the 12th corps is now hastening through Williamsport to cut off the rebels.

Part of Pleasanton's force has gone towards Frederick.

CAIRO, July 7. — The dispatch boat Wilson arrived this morning from Vicksburg, having left on the evening of the 4th. She brings official dispatches announcing the Vicksburg surrendered to the federal forces at ten a. m. on the 4th. No particulars.