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Intelligence from the army of the Potomac is full of interest. General Grant has commenced his new movement to outflank Lee, and stirring events have doubtless already happened, details of which will probably reach us to-day. The entire army has moved southward, along Lee's right flank, and almost in a direct line for Richmond. It was thought that Lee would endeavor to strike the column while in motion. Supplies are received from the old Acquia creek base, through Fredericksburg and along the railroad south.

The rebels made a midnight attack on Butler's forces on the night of the 21st, but were repulsed with heavy loss. The army is secure behind almost impregnable defenses.

The senate military committee is discussing the propriety of authorizing the president to call out troops for less than three years, and of repealing the $300 exemption clause.

Gold was 184 2/3 yesterday.