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More Particulars of the N. Y. Riot.

The Military using Grape and Canister.

Good Prospect for the speedy supression of the rioters.


His losses put at 33,000



Great Haul of Prisoners and Siege Guns.


Riots in Brooklyn, Jersey City and Staten Island.

NEW YORK, July 15. — A terrible onslaught was made on a negro dwelling on York street last night amid the shrieks and groans of the unfortunate women and children. A collision occurred in 44th street this morning, in which three soldiers are reported killed. — One report says there has been quite an importation of rowdies from Baltimore, but it is discredited by well-informed persons. Mayor Opdyke recommends an immediate proclamation of martial law. Gov. Seymour opposes it. This afternoon the mob again collected in 32d street, near where a negro was hanging. Failing to disperse it a howitzer was trailed upon them, loaded with canister. The first discharge weeded out 6. Two more discharges increased the number to 22, when the villians skedaddled. Two negroes were killed this afternoon, one on pier No. 4, and the other in Washington street.

Yarbor Brothers, and J. A. Gray, printers and others, were warned that their establishments will be destroyed if their workmen are kept on duty. The colored people are fleeing in all directions.

Gold has fallen to 1.27 — Markets are dull and nominal, — no business being done of importance.

We have some particulars of the riot in 37th street. To-day another street attack on 7th Avenue Arsenal was made. A detachment of 250 men with an artillery company, with four twelve pound howitzers proceeded to corner 35th street and Broadway. From 6th to 7th avenues it was crowded with men, women and children. 15 minutes were given for the crowd to clear the street. No one stirred, and at the expiration of that time the artillery loaded with cannister, opened and 5 rounds were fired. A good many were hurt, but it is not known how many. The street was cleared, and the military having dispersed the mob from the vicinity, the firemen checked the flames, so that only 3 or 4 buildings were burned. The rioters proceeded to 33d street and erected a barricade of wagons across 33d st. and 6th Avenue. — Some hundreds of negro women and children were allowed to escape, but none of the colored men. The buildings occupied by colored people were set on fire with the intention of burning the colored men in them. At last accounts the military had arrived at the scene and a fight probably occurred.

We understand the retreat of Lee's army is now a route, and its spirit is utterly broken. This places at the disposal of the Federal Government at an ample force to over awe the rioters in this city, and other cities. No doubt need be entertained that the power of the Government will soon be shown in the matter.

NEW YORK, July 15. — Riot recommenced on the 2d Avenue in burning houses and killing negroes.

The riot in the 3rd Avenue threatens to be very extensive. The police and military are hotly engaged, the latter firing on the mob, and occasionally using the bayonet.

At 3 p. m. they entered the alley in the rear of 28th street and 2d Avenue, in which 15 or 20 negro families resided, burst open the houses, and found some unfortunates, who were badly handled. One man, named Van Cleff, was beaten to death with a crowbar. — The mob from 27th street also entered, and Alfred Dudley was killed. Fiendish cruelties of the worst kind were also perpetrated on the blacks, their furniture broken, and negro women looking after their property, driven off by the mob, having to run a fearful gauntlet.

The Hudson River R. R. commenced to relay their tracks torn up by the mob. They have a gunboat in the river to protect the roads.

The crowds surrounded the gas works at the foot of 14th street, scaled the windows,and severely beat several persons. The military soon took possession of the works, which the mob now threatens to destroy, and murder everybody in them. The Gas Company have requested a sparing use of gas to-night, owing to a limited supply.

Gen. Brown received information that forts Columbus and Richmond (near New York) would be attacked.

NEW YORK, July 16. — The Treasury Building, Custom House, and other public buildings are guarded by cannon, and supported by infantry.

An Elevator was destroyed by a mob in Brooklyn last night, valued at over one hundred thousand dollars.

Some negro houses in Jersy City were sacked and burned. Numbers of negro women and children are encamped in Elysian fields, at Habaken.

The mob at Statan Island last night was over awed by a patrol of citizens.

The residents of Williamsburg are organizing in volunteer companies.

The Mayor of Brooklyn has refused to call a meeting of citizens on the plea that it would incite the rioters!!

The steamer Union has arrived here from Charleston on the 12th, and reports that Gen. Gilmore has captured nearly all of Morris Island, with a large number of prisoners, siege guns and cannon. Five gunboats were shelling Fort Wagner, and have probably captured it ere this.

A residence on 29th street was destroyed by the mob, but it was not Horace Greeley's, as the mob supposed, but Mr. Sinclair's, where he formerly stayed. A man resembling Greeley was awfully beaten.

Inquests have already been held on the bodies of about 50 persons, including a dozen innocent people; one of them a mother and infant just born. A dry goods store on avenue "C" was sacked of $40,000 worth of goods.