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"Forward to Richmond."

This has been the cry of Greeley and his Tribune set for weeks, and it has been faithfully echoed by the "Little Tribune," of Chicago, as Judge Kellogg calls it. The big and little Tribunes have clamored and scolded until the government, listening to their clamor has given the order, and the result is seen in a stinging defeat, and the horrible death of hundreds of brave men. How long will it take men to learn that the constituted authorities of the land are better judges of the time to say "Forward to Richmond," than the clamorous Tribunes? For our own part we are satisfied to trust our rulers, to give them all the men and money they want, and not to embarrass them by fault-finding. The uneasy fanatics who thirsted for blood and clamored for a battle have been gratified, but at what a cost! Better have surrounded the rebel camp, cut off their supplies and been a year in starving them into submission than to have met such an awful defeat. The blood of hundreds of brave men has been spilled to appease the maniacs who cry "Forward to Richmond!"