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Traitors Carrying it with a High Hand.

From the statements of the Warsaw (Ill.) Bulletin it seems that the traitors and their sympathizers in that section are carrying it with a high hand. At a place called Tioga, in Hancock county, there is a certain notorious secession refugee from Missouri, named Dr. Grass, who seems to be surrounded by a number of men of his own class. The Bulletin relates what occurred a few days since:

Grass says he was shot at on Sunday night by Jon. S. Goodwin. Goodwin was overtaken the same night, and Grass, in return, shot at him. After a chase Goodwin was captured and held in custody. Goodwin's friends say that Grass might or might not have been shot at; but Goodwin was not near his house at the time of the alleged shooting. That Goodwin was pursued on the streets when going from his father's house to the house of a friend, shot at, overtaken and captured by Grass' gang, and held in custody for nearly twenty-four hours without warrant.

While Goodwin was in custody, Grass and his followers armed themselves and visited the houses of several Unionists, took away their arms, and by threats and abuse compelled them to leave the settlement.

Goodwin's examination was set to take place on Wednesday, before Esq. Guyman: but before the hour set for the hearings, finding that all his witnesses, by whom he expected to improve an alibi had been driven off by Grass' gang, Goodwin waived an examination and requested the magistrate to fix the amount of bail. Bail was required for $1,000, which to this time Goodwin has not been able to give, and in default he lies in jail.

When the hour for examination arrived, Grass and his gang appeared at Esq. Guyman's: all armed. They were much enraged when they learned that the affair was all over.

This man Grass, as we have already said, is described as a "Missouri refugee — a scoundrel who does not dare to show his face on the other side of the river" — who comes to Illinois with a band men of like kidney — heads a gang of desperadoes — for months keeps the country around in a tumult, and finally makes an excuse for assaulting and driving off all the Union men in the neighborhood.

In another article the Bulletin says that these secession refugees go armed to the teeth, and have in several instances, searched the houses of Union men for army which, when found, they appropriate to their own use. They spend their time about the groceries, or about the house of Grass drinking and belching forth curses and threats against the Government, and the few Union men in the neighborhood, making both day and night hideous with their yells for Jeff. Davis. "Hurrah for Jeff. Davis, and d—n any man who won't hurrah for him," is said to be their most common depression. And these are the men who denounce the Government for arbitrary arrests, and violating the Constitution. They are the constituents of such men as Schofield, Morrill, &c., whom these distinguished pinks of Copperheadism so faithfully represented in the last Legislature. This state of affairs should be looked into by the authorities, and if the local authorities are incompetent to the preservation of order and the protection of citizens against the outrages of secession outlaws and banditti, let them have whatever assistance may be necessary to do so.