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Later From Fred'sbr'g

Glorious News From Hooker.

A Cavalry Reg't Charges the Rebel Lines and Retire.

Rebs Follow and are Thrice Repulsed.


Rebels Retreat Cut Off.

Loss of Life Very Small.

NEW YORK, May 4. — The Times' correspondent, dating on the field, near Chancellorville, 10 p. m., May 1, states that the 2d army corps took position the night previous on the left, and the 3d corps reached the front about noon. The position they occupied is thus described:

We hold the Gordonsville road securely, a country road leading to Sylvania Court House, and another road four miles in the rear of that. The enemy's flank is thus dangerously exposed, and if they fight it must be in open fields.

A dispatch captured yesterday from Gen. Lee to an engineer officer, dated 29th, says he is much surprised at this movement — had not anticipated it — and had no time for preparation to give instructions.

About noon a movement was made to endeavor to bring out the enemy and compel him to develop his strength. Our men entered the field with much enthusiasm only one regiment of cavalry first charged on the rebel Infantry. The latter driving ours back, when a small force of Infantry supported by cavalry checked the rebels. Our division under Syker, and the rebel division under Anderson then become engaged. Our troops drove the rebels from two ridges parolell with the Rappahannock, going a mile when Hooker ordered them to retire, not wishing to bring on a general engagement.

The rebels mistook our retiring for a check and followed rapidly on top of the first ridge when the rebels halted a moment, gave a yell and came down on a double quick, but were met by Sykes' Division who poured in a terrible fire of artillery at short range.

The contest lasted three quarters of an hour, and extended across the roads where 22 of our guns were, which shelled the woods effectually, and the rebels ingloriously retired.

During the afternoon the rebels made several attempts on our line but were repulsed.

At 6:30 in the afternoon they made a desperate charge to capture our battery commanding the Plank road to Fredericksburg, but were handsomely repulsed by Geary, assisted by Knapp's and Hampton's battery, who double shotted their guns with grape and cannister.

During the night both forces built earth works, and a battle on Saturday, it was tho't, would be surely offered by the rebels.