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Negro Immigration.

The Vallandigham press, in order to influence working men, and induce them to cast their votes with the enemies of their country, have raised a loud outcry about negro immigration, and its effect in reducing the price of labor. Three things should be remembered:

1st. That the War Department has forbidden the military authorities to send any more negroes into the State, and that although the cry of negro immigration is still kept up for the purpose of influencing votes, not a negro has been sent into the State in violation of that order.

2d. That, in consequence of the scarcity of laborers, growing out of the enlistments in this State, and the absence of so large a portion of population in the military service, the price of labor had nearly doubled. It costs twice as much to get a cord of wood sawed now as it did a few weeks ago, and our farmers are totally unable to obtain the necessary help to gather their crops, or close with great difficulty. This fact is an effectual contradiction of the charge that the price of labor is being reduced by negro immigration, or any other cause.

3d. That the negros which have been brought into the State, have been introduced by members of the Vallandigham party. Southern men, mostly sympathizers with secession, in Southern Illinois, took much the largest proportion of negroes which were brought into the interior of the State from Cairo, while Republicans and Union men stood back. Francis C. Sherman, the Vallandigham candidate for Congress in the Chicago district, has in his employment seventy five negroes introduced into the State in violation of law. And yet his party cry out against negro immigration!

The cry is the veriest fraud, intended to induce laboring to vote against their own interest, and so as to overthrow the credit of the country. Be not deceived by the sophistry and demagoguism of those who, in order to cripple the government and compel submission to the demands of treason, would deny to the government the means of prosecuting the war, ruin public credit, and strike hands with traitors over the graves of brave and loyal men whom these traitors have murdered.