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The Copperhead Mob in New York.

The atrocious deeds which have just been perpetrated (and, perhaps, are even now being perpetrated) in the streets of New York, are the legitimate results of the teachings of such unpatriotic and disloyal men as Fernando and Ben Wood, and their fellows, and such papers as the New York World and its like. Never did effect follow a cause more naturally. The demoniac wretches who now defy the law and glut their desire for revenge in arson and murder, are but the ignorant and scarcely responsible dupes of the men we have named. They have brought infamy and disgrace upon the first city in the Union, and have destroyed the lives and property of scores of its citizens, and have placed in jeopardy the lives and property of thousands of others.

While the country districts in many of our States have more than filled their quotas under the call for volunteers, the cities, with their crowded festering, corrupt and unpatriotic population, have been invariably far in arrears. It is but just to the Government and the country that they should bear an equal part in the military service of the nation, and the Government will not be true to itself and those who have stood by it most loyally and patriotically — the masses of the rural districts — if it falters for an instant in the enforcement of the law. It is matter of astonishment that it was not prepared to enforce the law on the first demonstrations of resistance.

Loyal and law-abiding men may now all exemplified in these horrible events — the murder of innocent men, the outrages perpetrated by a brutal and fiendish mob upon helpless women, and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of private property — the consequences of the teachings of the disloyal men and newspapers who, without directly counselling resistance to the law, seek to inflame the hatred of the people against it. Let them be warned in time.

Now is an occasion on which Gov. Seymour is called upon to show the qualities of a patriotic and loyal executive. Upon his conduct in the present crisis depends the judgment which the nation and the world will form of him.