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Untitled, August 20, 1864.

New Orleans, Aug. 12 via [unknown] Aug. 18. — The steamer Kate Date, from For Gaines, Mobile harbor, yesterday morning arrived here last night.

Farragut had prepared his fleet for action, and issued orders to attack Fort Morgan at 8 o'clock yesterday morning. It was to receive a furious enfilading fire from the fleet and land force. Its rear, it is said, have invested in wherever there was a foot of ground to stand upon. The rebels have destroyed all the out-buildings of the fort, and also burned their only vessel lying under its guns. Everything about the fort indicated a determination to contest the battle to the last.

The channel and the river are unobstructed to day.

The naval and land forces are confident of success.

At a late hour last night we heard that Farragut had demanded the unconditional surrender of the fort. Farragut's demand for surrender Tuesday was refused by the commander of the fort, saying that he had six months provisions and fighting rations, and would resist to the last moment.

Before this, Granger's force in the rear had cut off communications of the fort. The ram Tennessee was in the attack.

Farragut is confident of reducing Fort Hartford. We hold all channels to the bay.