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"Ho! Niggers, to the Rescue!"

That awfully "conservative" print, the New York World, said some time ago that the expression used above would be proper only when white men were too cowardly, or too far beaten in war to hope for success without appealing to the negroes. Wonder if it thinks so still, now that Mr. Secretary Stanton has issued orders for clothing and arms to be furnished Gen. Hunter, with which to master in negro regiments? And we wonder if the great Democratic party hasn't enough of vitality in it to raise a grand howl over this monstrous initiation of "nigger equality" by a Democratic War Secretary, which permits and requires negroes to do something for the Union, and to save white men unnecessary labor and exposure, and which the darkies are only too happy to do? We shall soon see.

The War Secretary and Gen. Hunter are right. If negroes can and will do certain kinds of military work just as well as white soldiers, let them do it. They can stand the Southern climate, and will laugh and grow fat over the labor of lolling about Southern fortifications in dog days, keeping their secesh "Massas" in subjection to law and order by aiming big cannon straight at that peculiar organ, "the Southern heart." This approach to "tit for tat" will be a good thing for the nigger Lords, and enable them to practice their late favorite doctrine preached to the niggers, of "obedience to the powers that be." Stanton is evidently a "brick" if the dispatch on which this article is founded (published elsewhere) is genuine, and so is Gen. Hunter; and the Democracy will soon be brick dust if on account of this "horrid order" the civil war in Quincy and elsewhere, so long threatened, would only be attempted.