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"Lincoln's Home" Speaks!


Voice of a United Democracy!


Municipal Corruption Squelched!

Tamarack to be Ventilated!

The People's Property Safe!

Jobbery, Brass Buttons and Bogus Records at a Discount!

Hail, the Sucker Capital!

Her Democracy United, Invincible!

Yesterday's election was one of the most warmly contested ever held in the city, and the result has been a most signal triumph of the democracy. For two years past, by their local dissensions, the democracy have permitted their opponents to ride over them, but yesterday they united, and overwhelmed the cabal of tricksters and corruptionists who have preyed upon the city for two years past, and made its revenues subservient to the most despicable venality and party corruption.

We have elected every candidate presented by the democracy, but one, the candidate for alderman of the 3d war; he being beaten, we may remark, by a gentleman opposed to the corrupt and venal schemes of the out-going cabal. The triumph is a complete one, by an average majority exceeding one hundred.

This result was achieved despite the power of the ruling regime. Their official emissaries, with their pockets filled with money, labored day and night, in every hole and corner in the city. They begged, prayed, to be retained, that their corrupt rule might be sustained. They made grovelling appeals to the laboring class, holding out false inducements and hypocritical promises to the men of toil, but they were spurned, and those they sought to delude rallied in mass to sustain the party which has ever, through good and through evil report, stood by the laboring many against the encroachments of the would-be privileged few, whether the former were or were not of American birth. Nobly did our democratic citizens of Irish and German birth stand shoulder to shoulder yesterday, and most gallantly did they resist, and defeat the demagogues and time-servers, whose record of the past stood against their professions of yesterday.

The victory is a complete one, both in its local and general aspect, and while we can but pity the small number of democrats who were misled to follow Sutton and his squad, we must extend our thanks to such republicans, substantial men, having the city's interest at heart, who contributed to the expulsion of the harpies who sought to continue their system of blood-sucking upon the city's revenues.

While we write the victorious democracy fill the streets and rend the air with their shouts of triumph; the German and Celtic Bands are discoursing joyous notes in accord with the hurras of the victors, while "Old Hop" and the "Little Giant" are waking up the echoes in chorus of democratic jubilee.

Glorious result! It is a crushing rebuke to local corruption and partisan venality, while it tells that the democracy at the heart of Illinois, appreciate the necessity of unity and singleness of purpose, in view of the crisis in which the country is driven by the criminality of sectional demagogues, north and south.

Let the word go out that "Lincoln's home" is sound, and, despite the money appliances taught in the canvass of 1860, and which secured Lyman Trumbull his seat in the senate, and Lincoln a majority in Illinois, the people have recorded a rebuke which should be instructive, though limited to the area of the corporate limits of "Lincoln's home."