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The Great Victory!

Since 11 o'clock this morning (Feb. 17) every city, town and village through which the telegraph passes in the North has been in a frenzy of excitement. The roar of cannon, of gleeful bell ringing, the waving of thousands of flags brought out from their places of retreat and hoisted to their places amid millions of loyal cheers, will make this a day of rejoicing long to be remembered. And all because we are making progress. The greatest victory of the war has just been achieved — a stronghold defended by able Generals and fifteen thousand men has unconditionally surrendered, and the road is open to greater victories in the far South. Well may the cannon roar!

We take it that now there will be an "On to Nashville" without farther parley. Columbus will probably be evacuated immediately, as the choice is between evacuation (if that be possible now) and a starving-out siege. A stand may be made at Memphis, but whether it is or not, the old banner which loyal men love so well can wave over New Orleans again in sixty days if Secretary Stanton wills it. — And that he does will it there can be no doubt. Gloriously is he carrying out the "purpose" of the war. A thousand cheers for Stanton and his anaconda.