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For the Rock Island Argus.

Wholesale Forgery in Chicago to Secure the Armory.

Yesterday evening at the Matteson House, a Rock Islander got into conversation with some parties on the subject of the location of the armory. He soon found that a petition was placed in the office for signatures, favoring Chicago as the most suitable location. — On examining the signatures, to his surprise he found his on name on the list, and so ingeniously forged as almost to deceive himself. He instantly drew the pen across the signature, and on being remonstrated with for so doing, he went to the register and found the name of a man from Wisconsin directly under his, similarly forged, confirming the fact beyond cavil, that the petition is largely interlarded with forged signatures from every section of the country, and as in this case, contrary to the wishes of the parties whose names are thus forged. No comment is necessary.

Who has the Proof.

Chicago, November 15th, 1861.