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The War Feeling on the Increase!!



Our city presented a gay and animated appearance yesterday. The national flag floated from many a roof in every section of the city. At the head quarters of the different volunteer companies in process of organizations, the lively refrain of the fife and drum broke the clear silence of the atmosphere and on every side, whithersoever you turned your steps, the unanimous feeling prevailed, that the Union should be preserved. Early in the day the Springfield National Guard organized by W. Sands, reported itself at the office of the adjutant general and was accepted. It musters seventy-six men. In the afternoon a detatchment of it, consisting of twenty five men under the command of the second lieut., W. G. Kercheval, was detailed to Camp Yates to serve as relief guard to the detachment of Springfield Zouave Grays, which had been in charge of the commissariat department since Thursday. Towards evening, as the time for the arrival of the eastern train by the St. L A & C. R. R. arrived an immense crowd assembled at the depot, it having been ascertained that a company of volunteers were on their way from Lincoln. Conspicious in the crowd were the Springfield Zouaves, in fatigue uniform, to receive their brethren in arms with the usual military formalities. As the cars reached the dept, they were hailed with a wild, enthusiastic shout, which was speedily responded to by the citizen soldiery that peered eagerly through the windows. Loud and cheerful, above the bustle and confusion that prevailed, rang the piercing notes of the fife, discoursing the ever welcome music of Yankee Doodle. In a few moments the Zouaves formed in line and were followed by the new arrivals, the Lincoln Guards, Captain Wyatt, a splendid body of men, numbering some sixty muskets. The procession then marched round the square, amid the acclamations of the citizens who lined the side walks, after which they wended their way to Camp Yates, where we hope they will be pleased with their virgin experience of military life.