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NEW YORK, July 30. — The World's Washington special says intelligence from the upper Potomac to day confirms the advices of yesterday that the enemy had fallen back from the line of the river, having made no new demonstration during the past twenty four hours. Whether they have fallen back to Winchester, or even farther down the valley, is yet unknown.

There is no longer any reason for keeping secret the fact that Grant's last movement against Richmond is expected by himself and friends to result in something far more decisive than anything he has yet undertaken against the rebel capital.

Senator Wade, of Ohio, and wife, some three weeks since, paid a visit to the army of the Potomac, the senator feeling very gloomy at what he supposed was the failure of Grant's campaign against Richmond. On his return to Washington, however, he was in the best of spirits, and told his intimate friends that he had no doubt at all but the rebel capital would soon be captured. Grant told him that his long deal before Petersburg was due solely to the extreme drought, which rendered it impossible for him to move his men and animals from where fresh water could be procured. Grant told Wade that just as soon as a sufficient quantity of rain fell he would make a movement which would satisfy the fullest expectations of the country.

It will be remembered that rains have just fallen in the vicinity of Richmond, and Grant, true to his promise to Wade, is now on the march to the rebel capital, this time on the north bank of the James river. Reinforcements have been sent to Grant's army from various quarters, including the 18th corps, which recently came up from the Mississippi river. Officials here have the utmost confidence that Grant will achieve a brilliant success.

FORT MONROE, July 29. — Four hundred prisoners, captured at City Point Wednesday, and arrived here, report that our forces are advancing, and have captured three rebel brigades, with their arms, &c., and several guns. The 10th corps and Sheridan's cavalry are co-operating.

PHILADELPHIA, July 30. — The Bulletin has a special from Harrisburg to-day saying that the rebels are marching in three columns.

It is believed in official circles here that the rebels intend making Bedford county and the mountains adjacent a sort of general rendezvous.