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The Guerrillas at Centralla.

We learn by inquiry the following facts in relation to the reported robbery and murders at Centralia. Mr. Anderson and his men secreted themselves at Centralia depot, and waited the arrival of the train bound north. — As soon as the train arrived they fired about 200 shots into it, but fortunately killed none and no one was seriously wounded. They then took possession of the train and robbed all aboard. Twenty-five unarmed soldiers were taken out, put in line, shot and scalped. One soldier had a revolver and fired it, where upon they riddiled him with bullets, kicked him under the train, and run the train over him. There was a sick soldier aboard going home to die. One of Anderson's men went up to kill him, when an old gray haired man begged the ruffian not to kill him as he would soon die. Anderson's man turned round and said to him, "You God d—d Yankee," shot him through the head, killing him instantly, and then turned and shot the sick soldier. — After plundering the train, they went up about 3 miles and surrounded about 125 Union men, under Major Johnson, fell upon them, killing and scalping them and showing no quarter. They killed all but about 15 or 20, who escaped to the woods. They destroyed 21 cars. The commander of this gang made a speech below Centralia, telling the people they intended to hang every man in the State that would not pledge and bind himself to vote for Geo. B. McClellan at the coming election.

It is reported that about 100 guerrillas crossed the H. & St. Jo. R. R. Tuesday night, at Monroe, and is is supposed they cut the telegraph wire in six or eight places. All the North Missouri passengers of Tuesday and yesterday got on the H. & St. Jo. train going to Hannibal, en route for St. Louis.