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Lincoln and Negro Equality.

— Abraham Lincoln, now President of the United States, made a speech at a free nigger meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 6th of May, 1842, in which he said: "We feel that all legal distinction between individuals of the same community, founded on such circumstances as color, origin and the like, are hostile to the genius of our institutions, and incompatible with the true history of American liberty. Slavery and oppression must cease or American liberty must perish." If that is not tolerably plain negro-equality doctrine, we acknowledge our incapability to judge what is. — And yet any Black Republican would roll his eyes in holy horror at the bare announcement that Lincoln was the advocate of such an odious doctrine. The truth is, the whole Republican gang go the negro-equality scratch, but it is not policy yet to incorporate it in their party platform. — When the leaders think the masses are ripe for such a policy, there will no longer be any denial of their true position.