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Abolition Patriotism.

— The Abolitionists were wonderfully brave until the hour of danger arrived. During the late campaign, when warned by the Democrats of the disastrous effects that must result to the country from the triumph of their damnable doctrines, they treated the warning with contempt, and asserted, "that the South could not be kicked out of the Union," and if she did become troublesome, the patriotic legions of Mr. Lincoln would only be too glad to have the "holiday job" of crushing out every vestige of rebellion. Now, however, that they with their fellow traitors of the South, have brought the country to the verge of ruin, they have no idea of aiding in fighting its battles. The northern papers are urging the people to enlist to save their honor, and to prevent drafting. The Freeport Bulletin, in a county of one thousand Black Republican majority, complains that recruiting is dead there, and says:

Egypt is recruiting three men to one in the northern part of the State. The Democracy are always alive to their duty when their country calls. Where are the thousands who carried torches in the northern part of the State and shouted for Lincoln. Let our friends call them out. Our regiments must be filled by the first of October, or the government will have to resort to drafting. Go in, and do not let Egypt send "three to one."