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The Cairo Atheneum.

An excellent house greeted the re-opening of the dramatic troupe at the Atheneum, on Saturday night last. The programme was well gone through with, and the audience, so far as we could discover, perfectly satisfied. The last farce, the "Lucky Cobbler," was, however, the feature and the success of the evening, Mrs. Noyes and Mr. J. L. Mason being perfectly "up" in their parts, and acting together admirably. We are of the opinion that Mason is about as good a "Christopher Strap" as has ever appeared in Cairo. Mrs. Noyes does such light parts as "Nancy Strap" with exceeding naturalness and simplicity. She generally does all she undertakes well. As much may be said of the balance of the stock company. We can perceive a change for the better in the working of the scenes, and in general stage matters, since the engagement of Mr. Jones as Stage Manager. With a few additions to the troupe of artists — which will be speedily forthcoming — we may truly say that the lessee and manager has succeeded in giving us a theatre of which we may well feel proud. Mr. Forden, we learn, is to have charge of the general management during the absence of Mr. Crump at Paducah. He will do all that can be done to make the Atheneum what it should be.

A very interesting and attractive bill is presented for this evening, consisting of the comediette of "The Little Devil's Share," in the cast of which we see the names of Mrs. J. F. Noyes, as "Carlo," or, "The Little Devil," Miss Douglass, as the Queen, Miss Osborne, as "Casilda," Mr. J. Frank Noyes as "Don Raphael," T. R. Hann, as "Gil Vargos," and Nicholson as Medora.

This is to be followed by "Swiss Swains," and the "Irish Tutor," in both of which J. L. Mason fills the chief characters. In the first he is to be supported by Mrs. Noyes as "Rosette," and in the latter by Miss Osborne, as "Mary." Mr. Lovell will personate "Dr. Flail" in the last farce. He is a young actor of much merit, and improves vastly on acquaintance, and has a bright future before him. Such a bill as this is sure to bring out a crowded house. Come early, or have seats secured in advance.

Mr. and Mrs. Couldock will soon appear.