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The Meeting of Last Night.

If any proof were needed that the hearts of the people of Springfield are earnestly loyal and true to the Union, it was furnished abundantly in the meeting last night to rejoice over the Union successes in Pennsylvania and at Vicksburg. The dense crowds of people who filled the streets from an early to a late hour attested well the depth to which the popular heart has been stirred. Never before has the Capitol of Illinois been the scene of so enthusiastic a demonstration. Our whole population was literally in the streets, and as the crowds which packed all the avenues around the Capitol Square, surged to and fro under the influence of strong feeling, the spirit which animated all was the same — love for the Union and enthusiasm in view of its certain triumph. The speakers were unanimously in favor of a vigorous prosecution of the war until the rebellion is crushed, the Union restored and traitors punished.

At the late hour at which we write we are unable to speak more particularly of the demonstration than to say that it was all the friends of the Union hoped for it. The speeches were eloquent and pervaded by a spirit of patriotism that found an enthusiastic response in the hearts of the thousands who were present. The occasion has been such as to reassure the friends of the Union of an ultimate and speedy triumph of their glorious cause.