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Conduct of Negro Soldiers.

[From the Raleigh (N.C.) Journal.]

The last northern news confirms the reports which have reached us of the presence of two regiments of Yankee negro troops, with Yankee officers, at Elizabeth City. We have the best authority for saying that the treatment to which the people of that unfortunate town are subjected is heart rending. The negroes compel white women of delicacy and refinement to cook and wash for them. In one instance we have heard of a body of these negroes entering a private house and demanding dinner, which they insisted should be cooked by the lady of the house. While engaged in preparing the food for the their negro guests, the scoundrels indulged in the most loathsome ribaldry, one of them with his foot throwing the ladies clothes over her back and shoulders, while the rest sent up loud peals of laughter. These statements are upon the authority of respectable men, and are surely enough to stir the blood of even those who would go back to a fellowship with a nation of whites who cannot only permit this, but encourage it.